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Teodoro's Surreal Life

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Meet Malibu homeowner Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, son of the dictator of Equatorial Guinea, the third-largest producer of oil in sub-Saharan Africa. Teodoro, as he is known to his friends, is one wacky playboy, according to Foreign Policy magazine, a guy who dated singer Eve (and made her president of one of his shell organizations), attended Pepperdine (but preferred living in a Beverly Hills hotel to the dorms) and recently commissioned a $300 million yacht. Worse are the allegations of corruption, and some politicians wonder why he still is issued a U.S. visa, one that allows him to visit his home at 3620 Sweetwater Mesa Road, a residence that has a four-hole golf course. The LA Weekly covered him in 2007. [FP Magazine]