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You Can Buy Bertolt Brecht's Old Santa Monica Rental

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It's a literary, leftist kind of day. Following the listing of Upton Sinclair's home, the Santa Monica residence once rented by German playwright and poet Bertolt Brecht has hit the market for $1.65 million. Brecht rented this home in 1942 for $60 a month, according to USC Archives, during his time in SoCal (he also lived down the street, and in Hollywood at earlier points): "In his August 12th (1942) diary entry Brecht described this house in this way: "one of the oldest, is about 30 years old, california clapboard, whitewashed, with an upper floor with 4 bedrooms. i have a long workroom (almost 7 meters), which we immediately whitewashed and equipped with 4 tables. there are old trees in the garden (a pepper-tree and a fig-tree). rent is $60 per month, $12.50 more than in 25th street."
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