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Joan Rivers Gets Kicked Off Fellow Gay Icon Judy Garland's Lawn

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Joan Rivers has fake-moved to Los Angeles for her reality show "Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?" and on last night's episode she went around spreading the ashes of her late best friend, Tommy Corcoran, a fixture in the entertainment industry, at his favorite places. She hit the flowers outside the Beverly Hills Hotel, the stores on Rodeo Drive, the dance floor at Hamburger Mary's, and what was billed as Judy Garland's house. This doesn't look like the Stone Canyon mansion that just went on the market; we actually can't tell which of Garland's many houses it is. It might not be her house at all. The guy fake-yelling that he's going to call the police probably doesn't even live there. And actually we hope those ashes aren't real either. Anyway, that's Joan: totally fake, but always, always fun.

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