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CRA Cuts Good News for School Officials, But Will They Speak Out?

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While the Los Angeles Unified School District would greatly benefit from the dissolution of the Community Redevelopment Agency, some school officials have avoided taking a position on the Governor Jerry Brown's proposal to divert CRA funds to schools and other services, "citing concerns about the vague language and whether it would actually result in increased funding for education," reports the Daily News. One reason they're likely wary about taking a position? Because the Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa helps elect LAUSD board members, and the Mayor has already come out swinging against the CRA cuts. From the paper: "Some districts are also trying to avoid conflict with their local elected officials, who have come out strongly against the governor's plan. Among the most vocal has been Villaraigosa, who helped elect six of the seven current LAUSD board members." And more: "LAUSD school board member Steve Zimmer echoed similar concerns about pitting one agency against another. '"No doubt this would bring in good revenue to the school district ... but you never want to be fighting something that could potentially stimulate jobs,' Zimmer said." Meanwhile, today, the City Council again today delayed making a decision on the move to protect $1 billion worth of CRA funds.
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