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Giddy Up: Highland Park--and LA--Gets Its First Bike Corral

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Rendering via Streetsblog

After the city council approved a motion in the summer of 2009 to install a pilot bike corral in Highland Park, the giant parking spot for two-wheelers is finally set to open a week from Friday, reports the LADOT Bike Blog. For those unfamiliar with bike corrals, these are parking spots that are turned over to bicycle parking; usually to the tune of 10 cycle spots. In the case of the Highland Park corral, one parking space in front of a coffee shop at York and Avenue 50 is being turned over to bikes, where LADOT will install five “Inverted-U” racks, while also providing a one-foot space between the parking and the bike lane, as well as raised buffers on both sides of the corral (not in rendering) so cars turning on the street or backing into a parking space don't knock over someone's ride. The Bike Blog says there's a proposition to install 30 more bike corrals throughout the city (though funding won't be available for four years).