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Hollywood Hills' Villa Fiona Loses Some Points

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There is a lot to wince at in this villa, but frankly we're disappointed the owners didn't go all out. As one can tell by the Ikea-like kitchen stools, for instance, the design sensibility--Mediterranean opulence is what they tried to go for--skids to a halt in some rooms of this residence, formally known as Villa Fiona. For instance, the ceilings are covered with paintings of copulating couples, but instead of a chaise lounge in the living room, there's a ho-hum couch. You put a velvet throw on the chair, sellers. We've watched enough episodes of the "The Bachelor" to know that. So on the effort scale, we're giving Villa Fiona a B minus. The five-bedroom, seven-bath home was formerly offered for rent, but is now asking $8.995 million. "This passionate Villa accompanied by canyon views draws a private setting while enthralling the most discriminating entertainer. Distinctive, Worldly, Peerless."
· 2321 CASTILIAN Drive [Redfin]