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Mining the Field

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Today, the City Council voted to create an ad hoc panel--meet the clunky-sounding Ad Hoc Committee on the Downtown Stadium and the Convention Center Renovation--to oversee issues related to AEG's proposed stadium and the convention center. And during the debate, City Councilman Bill Rosendahl brought up this proposal: He wants to look into the city getting some of that $700 million Farmers Insurance naming rights money. After all, this deal would include city-owned, or partially city-owned property. And after all, Angenelos will be ones having to stare at the signage (Rosendahl mentioned when he drives by LA Live on the freeway, he has to look at that light show). Asking for a piece of the Farmers Field money amid all the stadium deal discussions could be "a negotiating tactic," Rosendahl explained to us after the meeting. And should the city demand rows of corn, too? [Curbed Staff]

Farmers Field

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