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Slogan Season Is Upon Us, Sherman Oaks Scaffolding

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GLENDALE: Golden Key Hotel manager Ray Patel has launched a web site in anticipation of this Tuesday's big redevelopment hearing in Glendale, a meeting which will consider both his and developer Rick Caruso's planned project for Patel's hotel (which Caruso wants to buy and the city may eventually eminent domain). Patel is also organizing an early-morning rally before the meeting, an event that will see participants march to Glendale City Hall. Likely Caruso will go one farther and organize a trolley parade to City Hall.

Speaking of, is it slogan season, or what? "Give 'em hell, Patel!" was the slogan coined by neighborhood activist Cary Brazeman, while "Amend it, don't end it" is now the rally cry from the endangered Community Redevelopment Agency, CEO Chris Essel told us yesterday at the downtown streetcar press conference. Even AEG Tim Leiweke is rapping about taxpayers not being on the hook for his stadium: "There's no tricks, there's no risks." When facing any sort of controversy, start rhyming, people. Distract them with your fancy word dance! [Curbed Staff]

SHERMAN OAKS: A reader is keen to know what's going on at a former Linens 'n Things. "Hey Curbed - Just noticed that there's scaffolding up at the long-vacant Linens-n-Things site near Fashion Square in Sherman Oaks. Got any tips on what's going in the space? Tell us it's something good!" [Curbed InBox]