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Gracedale? Trousland? Elvis and Priscilla's Place in Trousdale Estates

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Elvis in the driveway via elvispresleypedia; at the gate via Elvis Presley Biography Gracelanderly Hills, mabe? Well, we'll work on that, but meanwhile, here, from the waist up, is Elvis's house! Elvis and Priscilla Presley paid $400,000 for this Trousdale Estates house back in 1967 (the same year they were married), according to website Elvis Presley's Kingdom. The gate is still covered with notes to Elvis, but it sounds like plenty of changes have been made--a press release says "Don’t be fooled by the old Hollywood references; this estate has been thoroughly updated. Enjoy the best of both worlds – Hollywood pedigree with updated design and modern amenities." (See grainy "before" pictures here.) The house sits on 1.18 acres at the end of a cul-de-sac shared with comedian Danny Thomas' old house. Rent is $25,000 per month. Hey, isn't Nic Cage looking for a place?
· 1174 N. Hillcrest Road [Jade Mills]