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The Unluckiest Pot Shop in West Hollywood

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The West Hollywood Center for Compassionate Healing on Sunset has had a tough go of it lately. The WeHo News reports that owners of the shop are claiming someone initiated a firebomb attack against the collective on Friday morning: "An unknown person allegedly threw accelerant onto the front door of the shop and lit it aflame," the shop's attorney Michael Chernis told the WeHo News. When a West Hollywood building inspector swung by the shop that morning to respond to reports of a gas leak, he found unpermitted, and possibly dangerous, electrical work in the upstairs "grow room"--the shop was "red-tagged" and shut down. Owners George and Nansee Lanning said they will deliver the good stuff to their clients while everything is brought up to code. According to an August story in the WeHo News, this shop was targeted for closure by the city because officials claimed it was unlicensed and posed a health threat. Also in August, a woman allegedly lit and threw a firebomb at the Sunset Shop’s front window 'with intent to wrongfully injure and destroy property,' according to the city District Attorney, and she faces trial next week.
· Sunset Strip Pot Shop Red-Tagged and Closed by WeHo [WeHo News]