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A Little Slice of Kyoto in Beverly Hills

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Here's a refreshing change from the Mediterranean mega-mansions and Persian palaces of the 90210. Designed by architect Bob Ray Offenhauser in 1987, this compound near Benedict Canyon was modeled after the country houses of Kyoto, and per its listing, is built around an interior bonsai garden "inspired by" that of Kyoto's Nishi Honganji Temple, complete with "waterfall, koi pond, & spa surrounded by mature black pines." Located on a 26,700-square-foot lot, the property consists of a four-bedroom main house plus one-bedroom "teahouse"/guesthouse, and features beamed and paneled ceilings, Shoji screens, hardwood floors, three fireplaces, a wine cellar, and tennis court. It's listed at $13.5 million (or about 1.1 trillion yen).
· 914 HARTFORD Way [Redfin]