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Villas at Gower Construction, Which Architecture Firm Did LA Film School Tower?

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HOLLYWOOD: Behold the latest construction shot of Villas at Gower, a 70-unit, four story project at 1726 N. Gower Street, which broke ground last summer. The Villas have been described as a “Campus of Hope” because the intended tenants will be the homeless or those at risk for homelessness, some with special needs, including single adults, families with children and youth. The CRA project, designed by Killefer Flammang Architects, will also provide numerous services for the homeless. Check out older renderings here. [Curbed Staff]

HOLLYWOOD: Speaking of renderings, we're told by a source that the LA Film School is not handing out any renderings of that tower, the the one that made headlines this morning. We're also hearing that the tower is really, really hypothetical at this point. And here's the latest from Patch: "...Antoine Ibrahim, a spokesman for the Film School, said the tower is one of many expansion ideas it is considering. He said the school is considering construction along Sunset Boulevard as well. 'In no way are we building any time soon,' Ibrahim said. 'It’s very far from becoming a reality.'" (Anyone involved in development financing will agree that very few towers are going to be built anytime soon.) Still, which architecture firm did the rendering of this tower? Someone cough up that bit of news! [Curbed/Patch]