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LA Film School May Want to Build at Farmers Market Site

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Here's a fun new wrinkle in the Hollywood Farmers' Market-LA Film School faceoff: the film school is thinking about building what the LA Times calls "a major development" at Ivar and Selma, the very intersection it wants the farmers' market to clear out of. A school official presented plans for "a large classroom building" to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce last month. A rep for the school says the plans are just theoretical for now and totally unrelated to the request that the market move--the school has always said it wants to keep the market from blocking one of its garage entrances--but they still "shocked" a rep for Councilmember Eric Garcetti. Meanwhile, the HFM and the LAFS have until April 12 to smooth things out, and the Garcetti rep says "We're pretty optimistic" that the farmers' market will stay right where it is. The "at least for now" was probably implied.
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