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Gilmore Station Details Unveiled, But What About Trader Joe's Parking?

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A couple of days ago, Trader Joe's filed for an application for a store at 3rd Street and Fairfax Avenue, and now comes the official word: Mark Panatier, Vice President of developer AF Gilmore confirms Trader Joe's is indeed coming to what's now being called "Gilmore Station," the forthcoming mid-century modern-style retail center. The center, designed by architect McKently Malak, will start construction this spring and finish in late 2011. In addition to the 15,000 square foot Trader Joe's, a Blizz Frozen Yogurt store is planned, as is a restaurant or pub.

There are also two remaining retail spots to be filled. Since everyone knows that getting in and out of a Trader Joe's parking lot takes some well-honed skills--it's a ballerina dance involving patience and anger management-- Panatier informs us the parking lot will have 111 parking spaces, which is above code for the area. (Others will likely argue that with more spaces packed in the area, it will be harder for driver to get around the parking lot. Ah, the eternal Trader Joe's parking lot dilemma.)

There are also four entrances to this complex.

"Considering it's such a narrow lot, we have really maximized the parking," says Panatier. Bike riders will be glad to know there are forthcoming bike racks, and Panatier also points out this is a strong transit corridor (there's the DASH). In terms of the size of the store, this new Trader Joe's will be slightly bigger than two other recently-opened stores: The store in Silver Lake is reportedly 12,000 square feet, while the Trader Joe's in Hollywood is a 13,000 square foot store.
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