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No Cure for Ed Hardy, Lanvin Gets Serious, Sniffing Celebrities

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BEVERLY GROVE: This space was once an Ed Hardy, then The Same Guy, which was owned by Ed Hardy, and in the next few weeks it'll become the Ed Hardy General Store. Racked says it best: "This is the retail equivalent of a canker sore that looks like it's going to clear up and then develops into a case of full-blown herpes."

BEVERLY HILLS: The Rodeo Drive Lanvin boutique has finally opened, but its fun and colorful windows belie a somber interior. Racked laments that "the store is curiously devoid of the cheeky yet sophisticated fun that's become a hallmark for the brand."

THE MALL: Racked took a straight guy named Steve to the Glendale Galleria to see if he could match celebrities to their fragrances in a blind smell-test. Steve's got Faith Hill's number: "It's mildly sweet, but honestly, it doesn't really smell like anything. This has got to be Faith Hill, right?"
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