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Gonzalez Goodale's Pasadena Department of Water & Power Building

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Images via Heliphoto

In these lean building times, civic projects continue to rise. Gaze upon the recently completed Gonzalez Goodale Architects-designed Pasadena Department of Water & Power Building, which opened last month. Located at 245 West Mountain Street in Pasadena-- on the department's existing yard--the $10-million new facility will house operations, maintenance crews, and supervisors, and also serve as the base for the city's Emergency Operations Center. Work started about two years on the project. Another project, to renovate an interior renovation of an existing 1930's office building and 15,000-square-foot warehouse facility, is currently on hold. Gonzalez Goodale Architects also recently completed the new Robert F. Kennedy Community School campus on the site of the old Ambassador Hotel.
· Pasadena Water and Power [Official Site]