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Suggestions For That Not-Yet-Built Vermont Avenue Subway

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The transportation blog Wilshire/Vermont has a few ideas for a Vermont Avenue subway, a project that's part of Metro's long-range plans (though there's currently no funding or specific planning in the works and it's lumped with far-off projects like connecting the Green Line to Santa Monica and the Red Line to Burbank Airport). Citing the fact that there are about 100,000 bus trips up and down Vermont every weekday, the blog suggests a heavy-rail line going south from the Wilshire/Vermont red and purple station, traveling underground through USC, connecting to the Expo Line, hitting South LA, and then going above-ground at Gage Avenue and traveling on elevated tracks until it hits the Green Line. "The (underground) Vernon and Slauson stations present great opportunities for Transit Oriented Development due to the lower density development in these areas and large swaths of surface parking and vacant lots," according to the post. "The underground nature of these stations should make them especially enticing to developers who obviously prefer building sites that lack rail noise and vibration." Map via Wilshire/Vermont
· Feasibility of a South Vermont Subway Line [Wilshire/Vermont]