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Majestic Golf Land Demolished, What's LACC Got Planned?

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HelMel sentimental fave Majestic Golf Land started coming down a few weeks ago, and is now nothing but a dirt lot, but don't worry, preppy sporting will live on at the site. A Los Angeles City College rep tells Curbed that the college's Board of Trustees approved a $24.625 million purchase of the land back in April. It's already started site work for a three story student union building on the northern part of the land that Chris Dunne, program director for LACC, says will be a sort of "flagship" for the campus. It'll house a new bookstore, study and meeting rooms, the LACC Foundation, and food courts, which is a pretty big deal for the food service-less campus. On the third floor, a large multi-purpose room with terrace will have Hollywood and downtown views and be available for rent. The building was designed by Harley Ellis Devereaux; SJ Amoroso is the contractor. Dunne tells us the building will be finished in Fall 2012.

In summer 2012, work's planned to start on six new tennis courts and a maintenance facility south of the student center, to be finished in summer 2012. The existing buildings on the property have been kept around to serve as swing space and construction offices during construction.

So it's time to say goodbye to the big, green net. We'll give a tipster the last word on Majestic Golf Land: "I know that to many, many people the giant green fencing visible from the hills, the 101 freeway, etc., has been one of LA's most lamented eyesores. I, however, am a bit torn. The third floor of the driving range had a great view of the hills, they let you smoke and drink, and those pneumatic ball-reloading machines were awesome."
· LACCD Build Green [Official Site]

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