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Trailer Park Living in Malibu Comes At a Price

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1940s Malibu via Paradise Cove web site; listing for home
For their Hollywood issue, Vanity Fair travels to Paradise Cove, the now uber-hip spot for trailer park living. Residents include Pamela Anderson, ("Anderson moved to Paradise Cove in 2009, while she was renovating her nearby mansion, and she decided to stay because her two sons loved living here so much") and Minnie Driver; past famous residents have included director Sam Peckinpah and Otis Chandler, the publisher of the Los Angeles Times. But redneck living comes at a price--and the trailers can sell for much as $2.5 million. Here's David Carter, local real estate agent, on the neighborhood: "“Paradise Cove is full of gorgeous, tricked-out residences with a lot of value,” he explains, revving up the cart and then staring off dreamily. “It’s hard not to fall in love with this place.” Here's a three-bedroom listed for $935,000.
· Bohemian Cove [Vanity Fair]