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One-Bedroom Cottage with Pond and Tennis Court in an Undisclosed Location

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Today's perusal of Craigslist unearthed this rather intriguing notice of a "commodious" one-bedroom cottage for rent in a "private society." Per the ad, said cottage has "amazing views, tennis courts, pond, and hiking trails," which sounds pretty sweet for $550. What's the catch? Well, apart from the fact that the posting neglects to specify where this mysterious private community is located, and our inquiring email has gone unanswered as yet, it does note that "in summer time grass and lawn must be mowed," which may be code for "you'll be my live-in groundskeeper." But don't worry, it's "less than one acre."
· $550 / 1br - Commodious 1 BR, 1 BA Cottage for rent in private society (los angeles) [Craigslist]