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SoCo, Anyone? Inside Marina del Rey's 4211 Redwood

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Elizabeth Daniels

Back in 2008, the New York Times dubbed that up and coming horseshoe area around Glencoe Avenue the "Marina Arts District," a name that never really stuck. Another name that was bandied about was SoCo, a reference to the nearby Costco store, but a stretch, really. Names asides, some of the projects in this hyped neighborhood panned out, others didn't, and some are just rolling in now. The latest is 4211 Redwood Lofts, brought to you by the same developers who once did now-stalled The Brockman in downtown. According to the sales office, half of the 47 units are in escrow, and closings are currently underway. Prices range from $472,000 for a 1,198 square foot two-bedroom to $649,000 for a 1,438-square foot two bedroom with den. HOAs range from $282-$363. And featured in the gallery are two model units.
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4211 Redwood

4211 Redwood Ave., Los Angeles, CA