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Historic Core's Main Mercantile Going Condo

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Arrow points to Main Mercantile. Santa Fe Lofts, Pacific Electric Lofts, Main Mercantile Lofts, Stay Hotel, Hotel Cecil via Rich Alossi's Flicker page

If you're a renter in downtown's Main Mercantile Lofts, a 35-unit building in the increasingly popular Historic Core neighborhood, you already know the news: The building at 6th Street and Main is going condo. The lofts will be priced from $295,000-$599,000, according to Joseph Soleiman, director of acquisitions and general counsel at ICO Group, which is already soft-marketing the building. The lofts range from 625 square feet to 1,750 square feet. HOAs will vary, but average $480 a month.

Renters in the building were recently given 60-days notice. They have an option to buy, or lease in the nearby Pacific Electric Lofts, also owned by ICO Group, according to Soleiman. ICO Group purchased the Main Mercantile last May from Citibank, who foreclosed on the previous owners.
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