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Artist Compound in the Hollywood Hills

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This rustic compound in Laurel Canyon was built in the 1940s by abstract expressionist painter Hans Burkhardt. Sited on a one-acre plot, the property consists of a one-bedroom, two-bath main house, an art studio/office, guest cottage, and a "storage building." According to the listing, "all of the structures are sited with particular sensitivity to daily and seasonal movements of the sun, maximizing natural lighting and minimizing heating and cooling needs." Other features include a fireplace made by Burkhardt out of slate and petrified wood, an elevator, and terraced gardens with roses, mature palms, herbs, vegetables, and fruit trees. Asking price for the 1,168-square-foot home, which is accessible by stairs or funicular, is $1.079 million.
· 1914 JEWETT Dr [Deasy Penner]