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What Does It Look Like When It Snows in Southern California?

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News outlets are excitedly reporting that SoCal snow levels could drop to 500 feet this weekend and it could actually snow in the parts of Los Angeles where lots of people live. The historians in the crowd know it wouldn't be the first time; there have been several significant snowstorms in LA's history:

· January 17, 2007: Snow accumulated in Malibu, and left "streets and lawns in Venice, Westwood and elsewhere on the Westside covered with ice from pea-sized hail," according to an article in the LA Times.
· February 8, 1989: "As much as five inches piled up in Westlake, Porter Ranch, Calabasas, Simi Valley and Tarzana before beginning to melt."
· January 10, 1949: "In the middle of Los Angeles' worst housing shortage, more than half an inch of snow covered the Civic Center. In the San Fernando Valley, almost a foot of snow accumulated over three days."
· January 15, 1932: two inches fall downtown.
· 1882: "Angeleno John McKay recalled a snowfall in 1882, the year he arrived in Los Angeles from Ireland, and getting spanked when he ran away from his Alpine Street home to go sledding."

· LA Braces for Snow [NBC LA]