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LA Exclusives For Your Hair and Feet, Knitting in Hollywood, More

Elizabeth Daniels, 2/11

YOUR HEAD: Formula LA is a shampoo that's specially formulated to fight the "combo of sun, dry air, crusty water and airborne pollutants" that regularly attacks Angelenos' heads, and it's only sold right now at a handful of westside stores. Racked tried it out for a week and filed a report.

FAIRFAX: A more objectionable LA exclusive: an $800 UGG boot bedazzled with Swarovski crystal palm trees, Farmers Market clock, and other hard to make out landmarks. They are, of course, only available at the Grove.

DOWNTOWN: Racked declares downtown's new VOK boutique Stevie Nicks-approved--it's stocked with vintage designer gowns and rock and roll accessories. VOK is appointment only for now, but Racked paid a visit.

HOLLYWOOD: Hidden deep in the middle of Hollywood, Racked found a weaving workshop called ArtString Boutique. It's filled with colorful thread, white Doc Martens covered in black knit, and knitwear reminiscent of "Ann Demeulemeester's early drapery and spidery weaves, but at a more accessible price." On Fridays, ArtString holds drop-in knit clinics.
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