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Some Cyclists Want South Bay Path In Bike Plan

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The city is in the process of updating its Los Angeles Bicycle Plan, but The Argonaut reports that some bike advocates are unhappy about a certain segment of the plan, which designates 1,633 miles of bicycle facilities. The City Council still has to vote on the plan.

"But for some cycling advocates on the Westside the plan update will be without one key stretch of potential path on the highly popular South Bay beach bicycle trail: an extension from the Venice Pier to the north jetty of Marina del Rey. They say that the 22-mile-long path, which extends from Pacific Palisades to Redondo Beach, travels mostly along the beach except at Washington Boulevard in Venice, where path users are directed onto the corridor in order to cut through the Marina to reconnect with the beach path."

Proponents of the path addition to the Marina north jetty have said it would afford cyclists the opportunity to continue a scenic coastal ride without having to make a detour onto a busy thoroughfare and provide improved connection to the Marina."
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