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Awkward! Subway Complicates Beverly Hills Council Meeting

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City Council meetings are often filled with odd moments, but Beverly Hills had a gathering last week that was downright uncomfortable (there was an awkward silence; a tumbleweed may have blown through at one point). Blame the disputed Century City subway station, which is causing a rift among the council. According to video of the meeting, it started with the city's Deputy Director of Transportation Aaron Kunz discussing a proposal from Councilman John Mirisch, who wants to look into Beverly Hills pulling their support for the 30/10 plan if the subway station at Constellation moves forward (Beverly Hills wants the station elsewhere). Mirisch suggested taking a tempered position for now, saying the city should see how discussions between Councilman Willie Brien, Vice Mayor Barry Brucker, and Metro proceed before pulling support. Councilwoman Nancy Krasne added to that, saying, "Not only do I agree with Councilmember Mirisch, I totally support his position and would go so far as to oppose the Metro going through Beverly Hills if they do not take the preferred route that the city agreed to. I would consider an injunction to stop it and they can take Pico for all I care... There are terrorist aspects of this going under the high school right into Century City that I totally disagree with and I feel our liaison is taking a very low-key approach to the Metro board and I find it unacceptable." Well, that liasion, Brucker, was sitting about five feet from Krasne, and he had something to say, too.

Vice Mayor Brucker: "I think we ought to wait until after the election and I agree with Mr. Mirisch that we can readdress this in four to six weeks."

Councilwoman Krasne: "I'll still be here, Barry." (Awkward silence.)

Mayor Jimmy Delshad to Krasne: "I don't know what that comment means, but we'll go on. So you decided you won? Is that what you're saying?"

Councilwoman Krasne: "No, but I'll still be in the council chambers, whether I'm sittin' up here or out there."

Mayor Delshad: "I'm glad you clarified. I don't want anyone in the community to [think] the election was already decided because on [March] 8th please go out and vote for whoever your heart desires."

Councilman Brien disputed Krasne's assertion of he and Brucker taking a "low-key" position, instead saying they were taking " a professional approach in dealing with our colleagues who are also elected officials." He emphasized 30/10 is a funding plan and has little to do with which subway stop is chosen for Century City, and that 30/10 is important regardless of the contentious station issue.

Mayor Delshad agreed with Brien's comments and said he wants the subway built as fast as possible and that the issue of 30/10 should be brought up in a few weeks.

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