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Brown Delivers Plan to Kill Redevelopment Agencies [UPDATE]

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Taking a step forward with his proposal to eliminate the state's redevelopment agencies by this summer to help close the $25 billion deficit, last night Governor Jerry Brown posted the language for the draft bill, "Redevelopment Agency Dissolution and Succession," on the Department of Finance's web site (top link; it's called 502 RDA Legislation). Or, as the San Diego Voice put it: "Governor Puts Redevelopment Death in Writing."

One of the most interesting provisions in the document is what appears to be Brown's reaction to cities' attempts to freeze funds for projects. As as first noted by the San Francisco Chronicle, under this bill, "plans approved after Brown's budget was unveiled in early January could be killed by state officials anytime in the next three years -- instead of the normal 90 days." Likely the legality of that clause will be challenged by redevelopment agencies. But earlier this year, the Community Redevelopment Agency-LA (CRA) voted to protect $1 billion worth of projects. So far the City Council keeps delaying their vote on the CRA's move, although they did move to protect funds related to improvements around the new Eli Broad museum. Asked for a response to Brown's legislation language, a spokesman for the CRA-LA tells Curbed the document "gives legal form to the general proposal.

"Now we can begin serious negotiations for preserving the only effective tool for local government to encourage economic development, affordable housing, and to revitalize neighborhoods while helping solve the state’s serious budget shortfall," he said.

UPDATE: "We're still studying it but hope to release our analysis soon," John Shirey, executive director of the California Redevelopment Association, writes to Curbed in an email. "Bottom line: the proposal is still unconstitutional because it clearly violates Prop 22. No amount of words can change that."

Prop 22, passed last year, forbid the state from seizing property taxes and redevelopment funds, among other monies, from cities.
Pictured: Planned Broad Museum
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