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Mayor Requests Variance for Six Foot Wall Around Getty House

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What do Christian Audigier and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa have in common? Tall walls--they both want 'em much taller than the 42 inches the city allows. In early February, the mayor's office requested a variance for a six foot wall around the Getty House, the mayor's official Windsor Square residence. His office says that the wall, with a design that includes "security features to be embedded in the construction," will save taxpayer money, since it'll help cut back on people-provided security. According to the Park La Brea News, the Windsor Square Association's vice president for planning and land use "was caught off guard" when he heard about the wall, but seems to oppose the plan, asking: "Should all of Los Angeles, including its historic residential neighborhoods, become a collection of walled compounds?" The paper reports that the wall matter has "apparently" been fast-tracked, with a ruling deadline set for April 18. However, the Department of City Planning says they're swamped and "probably won't make that deadline." [Getty House via Wikipedia]
· Mayor Wants Wall Built at Getty House [Park La Brea News]