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Pasadena to BHPO, Market Flooded with Wallace Neffs

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For whatever reason, there seems to be a whole mess o' Neffs hitting the market of late. On the ruby-red heels of Judy Garland's former home in Bel Air and this hacienda in Brentwood comes a four-bedroom French Provencial in Pasadena that the architect built in 1939. Then there's this freshly listed Neff-designed compound on a 1.5-acre plot in B.H.P.O. Currently owned by movie producer Stacey Sher, the sprawling property comes loaded with plenty of bells and whistles, including a screening room, gym, waterfall, pool, tennis and basketball courts, and a three-bedroom guest house with professional recording studio (Sher's husband is musician/producer Kerry Brown), for an asking price of $6.5 million.
· 660 BURLEIGH Dr [Redfin]
· 9531 HIDDEN VALLEY Rd [Redfin]