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Venice Peek, Silver Lake Pork, Hollywood Plywood, WeHo Parmigiana

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VENICE: The above image appeared on the new restaurant on Abbott Kinney from the people behind Gjelina. Those giant eyes will be gone--the whole building is getting demolished and rebuilt. Rooftop parking and communal dining are planned. Updated

SILVER LAKE: Berlin Currywurst opened in a Sunset Junction storefront on Tuesday. Sausages and fries are of course on the menu, but no booze (though there's chocolate milk, which seems a little ill-advised).

HOLLYWOOD: The recent closing of the Citizen Smith bar/restaurant was a bit of sad news for resurgent Cahuenga Boulevard. But Eater reports that a Hollywood outpost of Saint Felix, that classy New York-esque WeHo bar, is taking over the Citizen Smith space with Saint Felix II--interior work is progressing and a reopen will happen within months (hopefully).

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Il Sole has finally reopened on the Sunset Strip. Brent Bolthouse helped design the interior and, don't worry, their delicious "Napoli" style eggplant parmigiana is still on the menu.
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