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Transit Group Makes Case for 30/10, 405 Rail Line to Feds

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The U.S. Senate’s Environment and Public Works Committee held a field hearing this morning at the VA medical center near Westwood to discuss a surface transportation bill that would decide future funding for freeways and transit, according to The Source. The LA-based Transit Coalition was in attendance to advocate for the 30/10 plan, as well as their ideas for a 405 rail line that would be part of the proposed Van Nuys Boulevard light-rail, and would go all the way from the Sylmar Metrolink to the Expo Line (at the event they distributed their map, which also calls for extensions of the rail link into the South Bay).

The 405 line is actually part of Metro's long-range plans, but would need an infusion of 30/10 cash to get built before Justin Bieber is pondering retirement. According to their map, the Transit Coalition believes digging a tunnel is the best idea as going over the Sepulveda Pass would necessitate a 130-foot tall aerial structure. "Drivers who can't avoid gridlock on the 405 get the biggest bang for the buck with the 30/10 Plan," the Coalition's Bart Reed said in a statement. "If Metro can move forward with 30/10 by building a direct rail tunnel from the San Fernando Valley to Westwood, commuters could go from Ventura Boulevard to Wilshire Boulevard in just six minutes." The Transit Coalition says Metro will start scoping work for this project this year (though Metro wouldn't say when work would start when we asked in November, or even if the line would be a train).
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