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Swanky Santa Monica Viceroy Hotel Trading Hands [UPDATE]

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SANTA MONICA: News first spotted by a reader on a liquor license application, the Viceroy Hotel is being sold. The entity buying the hotel is Seaside Hotel LP, a Delaware limited liability company created by LaSalle Hotel Properties, according to a Santa Monica city agenda posted by Santa Monica Patch. (The city is meeting tonight on a matter related to the sale). Roscoe Real Estate Limited Partnership owns the Viceroy Hotel, according to Santa Monica city documents. (What, if any, investment Viceroy Hotel Group, which manages the hotel, has in the development is unclear. Kor Hotel Group changed its name to Viceroy Hotel Group, and a spokesperson for Viceroy Hotel didn't immediately return a call.) The sale price for the hotel is $82,322,357, according to city documents. That's a lot of numbers! UPDATE: Viceroy Hotel Group has no stake in the hotel, according to a rep for the management group. [Santa Monica Patch]