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City Councilman Stands Alone? Krekorian Questions NFL Stadium

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After probably a discouraging couple of days, Majestic finally gets some good news. Via the Los Angeles Times comes word that Councilman Paul Krekorian "said he is worried the city is going to 'extraordinary lengths' to approve [the NFL stadium] on an accelerated time line."

As reported, the city's embattled Planning Department is adding more staff to help with the stadium plan and other big projects, while the stadium is prompting the formation of various committees and commissions. So far, all local politicians have heartily endorsed the idea of the project. (But yesterday's cheer-leading by the city nauseated LA Times columnist Michael Hiltzik. He actually accused the City Council of slobbering over the deal. )

Via the Times: "[He] complained publicly about the amount of resources that would be needed to fast-track such a plan in the middle of a huge budget crisis.

"I'm extremely uncomfortable with the idea of having the city set aside its other important priorities in order to go to extraordinary lengths to lay the groundwork for a stadium plan that none of us have seen," Krekorian said. "I don't think we should spend any time being distracted or diverted from the most important issue of our day, which is the budget crisis, for something that is totally unnecessary to be expedited through the city's processes right now." Update: Originally, we wrote Koretz in the headline. Apologies to both City Councilmen.
· L.A. city councilman questions fast-tracking of downtown stadium project [LAT]