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City Wants More Studies on Incredible Shrinking Wilshire Bus Lanes

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The subway may reach Westwood by the time the bus-only lanes on Wilshire are figured out: Today, the City Council voted for more Metro studies before weighing in with recommendations to the transit agency’s board, Streetsblog reports. The latest snag for the exclusive rush-hour lanes: Councilman Bill Rosendahl is pushing for the lanes to be eliminated in a 1.8-mile stretch in Brentwood, between Condo Canyon and Santa Monica (some residents aren't fans). The project has already dropped the lanes in Condo Canyon, and Beverly Hills and Santa Monica were never part of the plan—so as it stands now, the lanes would travel 5.4 miles from MacArthur Park to about La Cienega, with the 1.8 mile Brentwood stretch TBD (for his part, the councilman says the lanes should be continuous and then after Beverly Hills and Santa Monica join the project, adding Brentwood would be appropriate). The Metro board will hear the results of the study—and the recommendations—in April.
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