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Chilly Enough for You? Time to Head to Palm Springs

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Via de LaB
PALM SPRINGS: Had enough of digging around for a ski hat to wear to bed in this cold weather? Local design-oriented group de LaB is taking their first field trip. Later this month, they're headed to Palm Springs for the closing weekend of Modernism Week. Special panels, cocktails and a block of rooms at the ACE await you. More info on how to get there. [Curbed InBox]

Speaking of: The Palm Springs Art Museum is currently featuring the exhibition "Steel and Shade: The Architecture of Donald Wexler," according to "The exhibition runs from January 29 to May 29, 2011 and features a full-scale sectional steel model built inside the museum, illustrating the prefabrication system that Wexler used in the design of his famed 'steel houses.'" [Curbed InBox]