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Mystery Vacant House at 11th Street & Broadway in Santa Monica

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What's Up With That? attempts to answer your queries about the odd LA landscape. After we dig up an answer, we'll post the response. Send questions to the mailbox.

A reader writes: "Here is a place on 11th street, just north of Broadway, that has been vacant FOREVER. It's brand new and never lived in, and looks pretty big. There is still plastic on the windows, but it has peeled off and you can see inside. The kitchen appliances are still new, but so old that they are now outdated. To give you an idea: When I moved across town in 2002, the building was just finished and vacant. I had spoken to someone there about leasing, but they tried to talk me out of it (no reason given).

There was (and still is) a for lease sign, but I've since called out of curiosity and never gotten a return call.

Does Curbed or any Curbed reader's have an idea about the status of this property or why it's been completed yet vacant for 9+ years in such a desirable area?"

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