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Shutters on Melrose, Middle Eastern Glam, Sales Good and Bad

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MELROSE: Grim news down on the West Hollywood end of Melrose, Racked heard about two shutters this week. Wave goodbye to denim-peddlers Salsa and the whimsically-printed bags of LeSportsac.

THE MIDDLE EAST: In an unplanned but very fashionable show of support for the Middle East (and, ya know, Capitalism), Racked recently attended a seriously gorgeous showcase for Middle Eastern designers. Some of the dresses ended up at the Grammys on the likes of Eva Longoria and Katy Perry.

DOWNTOWN: The Barney's Warehouse sale end Monday, and stuff has been marked down 40, 50, 60 percent. The bad news is it's a little worked over. Racked has a report today from the front lines. Only three pieces of Prada!

MELROSE: If Barney's disappoints, you can conSOLE yourself with shoes (sorry). Decadestwo.1's $250 shoe sale starts bright and early tomorrow. Also included are $300 and under designer purses and $250 and under dresses.
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