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Cedars-Sinai's Newest Wing Rising, TENTEN Wilshire Gets $$$

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We're off for the long weekend...see you back here on Tuesday, dear readers...

LA BREA: "The new tower is taking shape!" writes a reader, sending in this image of the wing of the Cedars-Sinai wing. Ground broke last year on Cedars-Sinai's Advanced Health Sciences Pavilion, designed by global firm HOK. The 11-story building will rise at the corner of San Vicente and Gracie Allen, and house both clinical care and scientific research, plus six levels of parking. We're not sure what angle that is...or if it's the parking portion. We do know it's expected to open in the summer of 2013. [Curbed InBox]

DOWNTOWN: TENTEN Wilshire has secured $70 million in financing through Bank of China, according to a press release. The money will help pay off the building's construction loan, and also help developer Amidi Group, which owns TENTEN, achieve financing for future projects. Such as 1027 Wilshire, that project planned across the street. City West...on a roll! Whodathunk. Curbed InBox]