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AEG Submits Formal Proposal for Stadium/Convention Center

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One of the three designs submitted for the project
Developer AEG has just submitted its proposal for a football stadium/convention center renovation to the city, a document that's now available on the city's web site. It's the top link on the city of LA's homepage, but the whole document is also after the jump. Meet L.A. Event Center, LLC. There is surprisingly little talk about football in this thin document, but here are some bullet points:

1. AEG will build parking garages for 4,000 parking spaces located West of the event center. Another 1,400 spaces are planned, too. The parking garages are estimated to cost $80 million to build.
2. New parking garages will be owned by the city but operated by AEG, which will pass on a percentage of profits to city.
3. Developer gets signage rights for all the new projects; developer or its affiliate will pay city for signage rights.
4. Deal will be modeled after Staples.
5. The new convention hall is estimated to cost $220 million to build.
6. The Event Center will accommodate a wide variety of uses, including NFL football, soccer, conventions, exhibitions, trade shows, concerts, sporting events, and more.