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Possible Solution for Century City Subway Station Fracas? Meet Century Park East

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The Purple Line extension is moving forward at a steady clip—it was announced yesterday that the project will likely get federal New Starts money next year and Metro is launching community meetings to start planning the stations. The one issue that could be a stumbling block is the Century City stop; many Beverly Hills locals are dead-set against a station at Constellation Ave. because that route would travel under the city’s high school (they believe that’s dangerous). Metro was interested in studying the Constellation station because it’s more central to jobs and the Santa Monica Blvd. stop that Beverly Hills wants is near an earthquake fault. Writing in The Source, Steve Hymon says Metro will begin studying a third option for a Century City station, which if chosen, would be a more easterly station, at Santa Monica Blvd. and Century Park East.

If it’s discovered the Santa Monica/Avenue of the Stars station is directly above the Santa Monica fault, that’s understandably a problem, Hymon writes. “The Santa Monica Fault is believed to travel under the Los Angeles Country Club golf course, reaching Santa Monica Boulevard somewhere between Avenue of the Stars and Century Park East,” he says. “It then continues traveling west under Santa Monica Boulevard for a distance. According to Westside Subway Extension Project Director David Mieger, this new third option may allow for a Santa Monica Boulevard station location that is outside of the fault zone. "

Now, the geologists who have been fanning out over Century City for the past few months will study if the fault hits Century Park East. A definitive recommendation by Metro on the station (along with the Westwood and VA hospital stops) should come this summer with the release of the final environmental impact review and study.

Also worth noting is that Hymon makes sure to mention that Metro has been studying Constellation Ave. as a station since 2007--at a recent community meeting, Beverly Hills locals accused Metro of pulled the wool over their eyes by suddenly announcing the Constellation option late in the game.
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