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"The Battle of Los Angeles" Doc Will Tell Real Alien Invasion Story

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Contrary to popular belief, the big budget action film "Battle: Los Angeles," in which humans make their last stand against aliens, is not a documentary, but someone is going in search of the truth about the real-life 1942 Battle of Los Angeles, in which anti-aircraft artillery was fired at several unidentified flying objects (the Air Force later determined they were weather balloons). "The Battle of Los Angeles" is a still-in-production documentary whose website declares "this event was destined to become forgotten history?until now. Join the remaining eyewitnesses as they recount their experiences, complete with dramatic recreations, photographs, and documentation of that mystifying night." Over at the site, you can buy a producing credit in the film, read an excerpt from filmmaker Jose Escamilla's fictionalized novel version of the Battle, and check out another video.

· The Battle of Los Angeles [Official Site, via Dread Central]