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BREAKING: Glendale Meeting Delayed, Caruso and Patel in Backroom Talks [UPDATE]

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Scene from the Glendale City Hall chamber
This morning's Redevelopment Agency meeting at Glendale City Hall, a hearing to discuss developer Rick Caruso's plan to expand Americana at Brand and Golden Key Hotel owner Ray Patel's proposal to renovate his hotel, has taken a twist. Patel and Caruso are currently in negotiations in a room at City Hall, so the meeting, scheduled to start at 9 am, still hasn't begun. "Obviously we have been informed that the two principals are in a secluded room in City Hall," Glendale Mayor Ara Najarian tells us. "We think they are trying to come to terms for a voluntary sale of the Golden Key Hotel to Mr. Caruso, and possibly they are trying to resolve outstanding litigation against Caruso by Patel. "

Roughly 100 people--including at least three TV film crews-- are waiting for the two men to enter City Hall chambers, where the mood is festive if a little tense. Jokes one local resident of the hold-up: "They're probably just playing a poker game." Today's meeting is important because if the Glendale Redevelopment Agency chooses Caruso's expansion plan, Patel, who has refused to sell his hotel to the developer, may legally challenge the city. UPDATE: The two men emerged at roughly 10:45 am and requested a continuance of the meeting until next Tuesday. So the Glendale Redevelopment Agency will take up the issue next week.
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