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Locals Grimacing Over Pasadena Freeway's "Smiles" and "Frowns"

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More trouble regarding the revamp of the Pasadena Freeway, err, Arroyo Seco Parkway. This time, it's designs on the new concrete center divider that's giving local preservationists the gags, reports The Eastsider LA. Arches etched into the divider's concrete are supposed to represent bridges that span the freeway, but some say they look like chintzy smiles and frowns (the Arroyo Seco's new nickname: "Bipolar Parkway"). “The swoops are much shorter and further apart than the design originally presented,” activist Martha Benedict tells The Eastsider, saying she and others asked Caltrans to drop the "arches"; Benedict alleges officials agreed to not include them, but then went back on their word. On top of this, there are also complaints about a stone pattern on the freeway's edge, and other historic features going by the wayside. Regardless, the Arroyo Seco was officially added to the National Register of Historic Places last week. Images by Martha Benedict via Eastsider LA
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