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Caruso's Plan Trumps Patel's Hotel, Says Glendale Report

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In anticipation of tomorrow's Glendale City Hall hearing to decide whether to go with developer Rick Caruso's planned expansion or ask Golden Key Hotel owner to renovate his hotel, the Glendale Redevelopment Agency is recommending that the city choose Caruso's plan, according to the Glendale News Press. The paper reports that "city officials determined that Caruso is more qualified to redevelop the site, and that an expanded Americana would be more beneficial for the city in terms of sales tax revenue and neighborhood compatibility." But is there a loophole if there's a strong legal threat? As previously covered, this case could come down to an eminent domain legal battle since Patel has rejected Caruso's offer of a buy-out. From the paper: "As for the threat of eminent domain to take over the hotel, the report states an exclusive negotiating agreement 'would not commit the agency to undertake the disposition of any property.'"
· City officials recommend Americana expansion [Glendale News Press]

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