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Downtown's 1111 Wilshire Will Break Ground in April

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Image via Nadel Architects
If more residents move to City West--the area that some locals disparagingly consider to be the New Jersey of downtown--will the area finally get some respect? Perhaps. Either way, more housing is coming. Building permits were recently filed for 1111 Wilshire, and construction on the 7-story apartment building is expected to start in April, according to Tom Warren, COO of Holland Development, part of Vancouver, Washington-based Holland Partners. With the exception of developer Geoffrey Palmer's ubiquitous Tuscans, 1111 Wilshire will be one of the first new downtown residential buildings to break ground since the housing bust began.
Originally entitled back in 2007, the 11-story, 398-condo development---located diagonally across the street from the Glo project---also developed by Holland Partners, has been downsized to a 7-story, 210-unit apartment building. Nadel Architects is still doing the design.

With equity partners and a lender, demolition and prep work will start at the beginning of March, and construction will start in April, according to Warren. The building will offer ground floor retail, one floor of amenities, and five stories of residential. Parking will be underground, and on the retail level.

And what about City West's boring reputation? Well, Warren sees the neighborhood's geographic liability--it's cut off from the rest of the downtown due to the freeway--as a plus. When you live in City West, "you don't have people stumbling home all night," he said. (Touche, party animals of the Historic Core.) People who live in City West are "serious about living in downtown," he adds.

And for those of you who never get to City West, this is where this will rise: