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Eric Owen Moss Fake-Out on La Cienega, Long Beach's New Park

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LOS ANGELES: Just east of Culver City, the Expo Line's La Cienega stop is taking form. We saw this construction and thought the love-it or hate-it Eric Owen Moss's crazy tower was maybe going up. Not so much, the Expo Authority's Gabriela Collins tell us. It's the station's parking structure, which likely won't be done by the time a portion of the Expo Line opens later this year. [Curbed Staff]

LONG BEACH: Downtown Long Beach got a new 2.3 acre green space, which was commemorated this weekend with a little party. The Long Beach Post has pictures of the new Seaside Park at 14th and Chestnut, the former site of an apartment complex and an old hospital. [Curbed Staff]