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Ask Curbed: How Far Should I Go to Date in Los Angeles?

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It's a county-old question: can you live in Pasadena and date in San Pedro? (Rumor has it that's where the idea for the 110 came from.) This weekend on KPCC's "Off-Ramp," Karen Fritsche considered the matter--we especially liked the Beverly Hills guy she talked to who said if Pico and Olympic became one-way "That would open up Santa Monica to me for dating"--and developed a metric for deciding if a longish-distance relationship is worth it. First, she says to take the number of minutes it takes to get from your house to your significant other's, then divide that by his or her desirability on a scale of one to ten. The lower the number, the better. So, "a perfect ten who lived ten minutes away would score a one." That's pretty good, but we think it could use some finessing. First of all, a commute is going to take much longer at 6 pm (on the way to a dinner date) than it will at 3 am (on the way home from a tumble). And what about transit (most Angelenos might not take a bus just for a booty call, but rail's a different story)? Can you walk to the Mercantile from your boyfriend's house? We plugged some new variables in, et voila: Curbed's definitive cross-neighborhood dating equation.
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