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Burbank Garagemahal Fits 6 Cars or World's Largest Pog Collection

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Check out the 1936 Helms Bakery coach the Hymans are working on.

For tinkerers or just people with tons of junk to store, here's a 1,400 square foot garage in (where else?) Burbank that comes with an elevator up to the second floor, a car lift, air hose lines, twelve-foot ceilings, and nine-foot-tall doors. Molly and Stan Hyman built the garage in 1995 after the house on the site was destroyed by the Northridge earthquake; according to Stan, they "laid out the garage first and then built the house around it." The house is a three bedroom Mediterranean and it's just gone on the market, asking $1.59 million (any guesses on the garage/living area breakdown?). The couple will, of course, be hitting the road in their motor home.
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