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A Wilshire Beverly Square Area, Jessica Triangle in Mt. Washington

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WILSHIRE BOULEVARD: Help this fellow figure out where to research homes in the Wilshire area. He writes: "I’m curious about the history of the area between Wilshire and Beverly and between Western and Normandie or so. There are a couple very grand houses in this area although most have been knocked down and replaced by big apartment buildings.

I’m trying to figure out if this area was developed at the same time or slightly before Hancock Park and why it didn’t manage to stay upscale when some of the housing stock was clearly very high end in its time. Any thoughts on where I could dig into this?" [Curbed InBox]

MT. WASHINGTON: Tomorrow, residents in Mt. Washington will celebrate what's being called the completion of "Jessica Triangle," a patch of land that now has trees and bushes. Backstory: "In 2007, Jessica Triangle , a triangular-shaped patch of land located at Jessica Drive where the road splits at Cleland Avenue, was slated for demolition by City departments during a sewer line project. Councilmember Huizar worked with the Department of Public Works to save the Triangle. That action prompted a move to seek official designation for the small but significant piece of real estate." The party kicks off at noon. [Curbed InBox]